Silver Laughter Performance “Outtakes”

That's Ken

That’s Ken

These are not the best quality photos of Silver Laughter onstage at various venues, but they are still part of our legacy. Back in the ’70’s these were the clothing and hair styles of most of the bands that played during that era. Some of the pictures are a little out of focus, probably because we were moving when the shutter snapped.

Picture number one shows Ken with one of his facial expressions he was known for when executing a nice lead part.

Jon from the floor's eye view

Jon from the floor’s eye view

Paul being Paul

Paul being Paul

Number two shows Jon from the floor. Look at that ceiling!

And then there’s Paul being Paul on the drums in the back corner.

Mick singing again

Mick singing again

Finally you have a blurry one of me at the microphone.


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