The Contents Are: – Part of the Silver Laughter Legacy

The Contents Are: - (Top) Paul and Mick - (Below) Dave and Craig

The Contents Are: – (Top) Paul and Mick – (Below) Dave and Craig

“Head Collect”

Click on the link above to hear a Craig Hute original featuring Silver Laughter members, Paul Staack and Mick Orton.

Even though this was recorded before Paul and I joined the band, it is still a part of the Silver Laughter legacy just as much as is what we have all done after the break up.

The lineup for this tune which was recorded at a studio in Pekin, IL was Craig Hute, singer, songwriter and guitarist, Dave Neumann, lead guitar and vocals, Mick Orton, bass and vocals and Paul Staack, drums.

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  1. What was the name of the 45 record that “The Contents Are” released in about 1967 and that got some play on KSTT? I have been racking my brain and I can’t think of it. Help me Mick!!

    • I think you are referring to “Direction of Mind”. And thank you for reminding me the call letters of our local rock and roll radio station! I had been trying to remember for some time now!!!

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