Carl Scores Big with Old Silver Laughter Newsletters!

Page one of our December, 1976 Newsletter

Page one of our December, 1976 Newsletter

Today I came across another treasure trove of silly material sent to me by sound and light man, Carl Frisch; several copies of newsletters Silver Laughter did. They were put together by our manager, Art Stenstrom, and written by the boys ourselves. Some of it is pretty silly. Regardless, it is a big piece of promotional material we put out for our fans every couple of months.

This first one is from the middle of December of 1976 and announces the release of our first album, “Handle With Care” on page 1, as well as some of the record stores in which it would be available.

On page two, we boys began our little stories for our fans.

On page two, we boys began our little stories for our fans.

Silliness begins on page 2 where we boys each wrote a piece for the publication. It felt a little like homework from our old public school days! Sometimes we referenced friends we had met along the way, or places we played and had a good time.


On page three, Ken finishes his part with Paul and Carl finishing up – then came fan notes

Silliness continues on page 3 as Ken finishes up his contribution which is followed by Paul’s and then Carl’s. Up next were a few notes from fans who wrote to us through the newsletter PO box.


Page four was the itinerary for the next 4-6 weeks

Finally, page 4 concludes with our itinerary for the next 6 weeks or so. This one has changes marked by Carl (I guess) to scheduled events.


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