Personal Note to Ken Wiles from Silver Laughter Founding Member Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott note to Ken Wiles

Steve Elliott note to Ken Wiles – click on the photo to enlarge it

I was digging through some stuff in my closet and came upon this personal note from Steve Elliott to Ken Wiles. It was written on the back of a Sneaky Feelin’ 8×10 glossy and apparently done after the “Handle With Care” sessions since it mentions “Whiskey Heaven” and “Angela”. The note also alludes to one of our favorite television shows; Monty Python. Since it’s hard to read, I will transcribe.

“Ken, Really been fun doing ‘Whiskey Heaven’ and the ‘clapart’ on ‘Angela’, but overall the trip was a complete mess. Talking over old Monty Python sketches were the best moments. You know, those shining moments,… memories that… well… [drawing of a tear stain]. Anyhow, have fun this summer, good luck in the future and see you tonite at the fair. Oh, and thanks again for the t-shirt, but I still think you should write some of your own stuff.” The drawing is an original sketch by Mr. Elliott himself and is probably worth millions by now.

And Ken did write some of his own material! The second album had two his contributions. He is also co-writer of the new hit by The Silvers, “Running Away” as well as several more which will appear on “After The Laughter”, the new album by The Silvers to be released sometime in March!


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