Some Thoughts About The Two New Songs by The Silvers

The Silvers First Single

The Silvers First Single – Tom, Mick and Ricky

(Note: this is in reference to the two songs that were posted on our Facebook page and Reverbnation account several days ago.)

“Running Away”, Ken and I wrote this together from an original idea I had. I thought the solo would be tricky because, in my opinion, playing rock solos in a major key always presents some problems. Tom came up with an excellent solo. And an interesting note (to me, anyway) was that we had recorded it a bit slower but asked the engineer speed it up 5% to give it a little better groove. As a result, the song that was short to begin with got a little bit shorter! However, once you see the animated video that goes with it, you will probably agree that it’s a perfect length.

“Nothing Really Matters”, I LOVE major 7th and 6th chords. It’s a song I wrote one night after Ken and I played a Howard Johnson’s in the Quad Cities. I was infatuated with one of the waitresses, Sandy, (who later became my ex-wife and mother of my only daughter, Angela) and could not sleep. So in the middle of the night I wrote her this song and recorded it in my mom’s basement on one of those little cassette recorders. The tape was lost so I had to go back and revise the lyrics and try and capture the feeling of the original song.

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