Machu Picchu Records Reissues “Through You” by The Contents Are:

"Through You" reissue inner sleeve

“Through You” reissue inner sleeve – Page 1 of 3

Early last summer, I caught wind of a planned re-release of the album “Through You” on vinyl by Machu Picchu Records and put in my order. At $20, it seemed like a great deal. A German label, Shadok Records, did a CD release several years ago (which I also have) and included a nice insert giving the history of The Contents Are: written by band member, Craig Hute. It also included the extra four songs which were found on the two 45’s the band released back in 1967 on ROK Records that were not on the album. But this release was being done as a vinyl LP!

Last week my copy finally arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised to find (almost) exact reproductions of the two singles inserted inside the album cover! Also of note was an insert with a review done by Jeremy Cargill, contributing editor to Ugly Things magazine was included. He and I have traded e-mail in my hope to sharpen the focus on what happened to the band after its break up. Today I have posted on of the three pages written by Mr. Cargill, the third of which is relevant to this site.

How does this relate to Silver Laughter? Well, two members of The Contents Are: went on to also become members of Silver Laughter and contributed their musical talents to the band’s second album, “Sailing on Fantasies”; drummer Paul Staack and me, bassist Mick Orton. Back in 2013 there was even talk of a possible US reissue of a Silver Laughter double album which would include both of our LPs on vinyl but nothing has come of it so far. However, another German Company, Green Tree Records, is currently working on a double CD reissue of “Handle With Care” and “Sailing On Fantasies”.

Cargill’s updated biography includes some information on what happened after bassist, Larry Smith, left The Contents Are: as well as our subsequent move to Colorado before breaking up around 1975. Though he leaves out Paul’s journey with Silver Laughter in the bio, it’s been well documented here… with lots of pictures to prove it!

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