Jon Ludtke Does Cold Stare After Silver Laughter

Cold Stare - that's Jon in the lower left corner

Cold Stare – that’s Jon in the lower left corner

“Say The Words”

Click on the link above to hear Jon Ludtke sing a Cold Stare hit. I found this and another one of their songs on YouTube this morning. Carl had sent me some information on the band in his last CD of photos, but this is the first of their music I have been able to dig up that was publicly accessible.

After Silver Laughter broke up, I think Jon formed HiFi with Steve Elliott. It is not clear how much later it was that Jon joined Cold Stare or if he helped found the band. Maybe Mr. Ludtke will comment and clear up this mystery.

The photograph was their publicity photo. I apologize for the poor quality, but it is a screen capture from the YouTube video.

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