Several Silver Laughter Song Lists

Earlier Song List

Earlier Song List

The first list is from the earlier days of Silver Laughter before I joined the band. To the best of my knowledge, we never did any Elton John, Steely Dan or Siegel Schwall Band tunes.

However, there were many on this list that I knew from The Contents Are: so that we could quickly get back to work on the road and have enough material without repeating too much.

Newer Song List

Newer Song List

Second list is very small which makes me think it may have been the song list for an audition or special event of some kind. Jon might know. Carl didn’t send along any descriptions this time.

The newer songs were all ones that I performed with the band in my early days. Kim used to come from behind the drums and play “Color My World” while Mark played drums, but I am pretty sure “Lady Madonna” and “Your Mother Should Know” were my piano playing.

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