A Couple of Performance Photos of Silver Laughter’s Mick Orton

Early Mick Orton

Early Mick Orton

I really wish I had more pictures of the whole band onstage, but I don’t. Another thing I regret is not having more photos of us with Kim, but cameras were pretty new back then :-). Anyway, Carl sent me these which are obviously from very different times. The first has to be an early photo in the venue with the naked dancing girl wallpaper. Nobody seems to remember where it was. (It was the ’70’s, after all!) Or at least nobody will admit to knowing where it was. I don’t remember my sideburns being that long during my stay with Silver Laughter, but here’s proof that they were!

Mick Orton with Perm and Mustache

Mick Orton with Perm and Mustache

The second was taken much later during my “mustache and permanent in my hair” phase. For some reason I am showing the back of my vintage Hofner, Hugh, with the tape padding I put on it to keep my belt from scratching it worse than it already was. Paul can been seen in the background rolling up his pants leg or tying his shoe. In my opinion, I look like one of the Hudson Brothers, or a 3 Dog Night member!!! If you’re old enough, you may get the joke.

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