Another Cut from “Handle With Care” – “Angela”

Silver Laughter - 1979

Silver Laughter – 1979 – clockwise: Ken. Mick, Jon standing and Kim kneeling


The other day I was at my doctor’s office of sports medicine, and the woman who took my vitals introduced herself as Angela. Of course, it gave me the opportunity to remark that my daughter’s name is Angela… AND our band from the ’70’s recorded a song called “Angela” on our first album.

Of course I went on to tell her we were inducted into the Iowa R&R Association’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2o14 and handed her one of the cards I have which has our band’s information on it so she could go up and listen to the song which shares her name.

I don’t know if she ever did, but as we cycle back through the music vault for our new visitors and subscribers, the link above will play this track from “Handle With Care”.  Although the photo is one of the last taken of the group in 1979 before we disbanded, it is the same lineup of musicians who recorded the first album before Paul replaced Kim as drummer.

Mick Orton

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