Silver Laughter – “When We Was Fab” – 1975 or Thereabouts

Jon and Ken rehearsing guitar parts

Jon and Ken rehearsing guitar parts

One of our regrets is that there were not more photos taken of Silver Laughter onstage during performances. Carl seems to have taken quite a few, but it would be nice if someone found this site who had seen us back then and had other pictures of the band.

Anyway, the first one is from that unknown venue (probably not the Zebra Club as I surmised earlier since Mark Zaputil was our lead player for that job, not Ken) from around 1975 or ’76.It looks like it was actually during a rehearsal because Jon and Ken are seated which they never did during a live performance. Also notice that the mics are covered. Ken, as always, is stylish in a shirt and sports jacket. And Jon… Hey, we probably just got up! Give him a break!

I'm working here

I’m working here

Most of the time during our breaks we would go around from table to table to talk with people who came to see us. We used to joke that we were meeting our fans one at a time. But occasionally, clubs had video games. Here is Ken with his stack of quarters, spending his paycheck, playing one of them, possibly Pong, PAC-Man or Donkey Kong. Yeah, we’re that old!

Mick Orton


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