Silver Laughter Photos from 1976, ’77 and ’78

Here are three pictures all taken by our manager, Art Stenstrom, from three different sessions. I have posted selections from these sets elsewhere on this site, but have never put three together to show the progression of 1) our clothes, 2) our hair and 3) our facial hair (or lack of it in some cases).

Photo number 1 was taken in Worthington in the fall of 1976. The second was taken in 1977 at The County Seat in Carroll, IA. The third was one from 1978 taken during a stopover in Des Moines.

Silver Laughter 1976

Silver Laughter 1976 – Ken, Mick, Jon and Paul

Silver Laughter 1977

Silver Laughter 1977 – Ken, Paul, Jon and Mick

Silver Laughter 1978 - Jon, Mick, Ken and Paul

Silver Laughter 1978 – Jon, Mick, Ken and Paul

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  1. I remember the 3rd picture, and that group of photos, being taken in Rock Island, by and around the old train station. Jon

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