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Folks, as I told you before, after the IRRMA Hall of Fame induction ceremony back at the end of August, I was bitten by the music bug again and enlisted a couple of pals to join me in an online musical adventure. We call ourselves The Silvers. If I am repeating myself, please forgive me. But I am really excited that these songs will finally have a chance to be heard!

The band is comprised of Tom Kelley (originally from TODD Beat Group) on lead and rhythm guitar and a new friend, Ricky Zero from Atlanta on rhythm. Right now we are using a studio drummer to complete the tracks.

So far we have laid down enough demos to fill an album of all original material, but our first endeavor will be to release both on CD and vinyl, a single of “Running Away” backed with “Nothing Really Matters”. Both songs were written by Ken Wiles and me with a little help on lyrics from Mr. Zero.

Tom and I are using a TASCAM DP-03 8 track portable studio to lay down our final tracks, and our hope is that the release will coincide with a German re-release of “Handle With Care”, “Sailing On Fantasies” and bonus live tracks of some of the original songs from each album. The compilation CD under the label “New Music-Green Tree” is due to be out in December, so our hope is to have our single ready about the same time. Right now we expect the new music to be on the Generine Records label.

Mick Orton

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