Another Silver Laughter Small World Incident

Silver Laughter around 1974 - John, Jon, Kim, Denny and Steve

Silver Laughter around 1974 – John Carstensen, Jon Ludtke, Kim Ludtke, Denny Walton and Steve Elliott

Today my daughter, Angela, sent me a text she had gotten from one of our family friends, Tony, who lives out here in Marin County, California.

He said he was chatting with a woman and talking about his days as a DJ. One thing led to another, and she mentioned that the band who played at her brother’s wedding had been recently inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame. Guess who it was?

He included this picture she gave him which, judging by the hairstyles, is way before Silver Laughter went on the road. Mark Zaputil had not yet joined. And John Carstensen, Denny Walton and Steve Elliott were all still in he band. Also included was a photo she had of both of our albums!

Mick Orton

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