Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for October 1978

October 1978 calendar

October 1978 calendar

The end of September put us in Hastings, MN at the Ivanhoe. Our tenure there ended on Sunday, the first day of October. On the second day, we packed up and played one night at The Mermaid Club. I have no information on where this venue was. Maybe someone else will chime in with a better memory than mine.

After a day off, we traveled home to play for 5 days the Ranch & Co. in Port Byron, IL which is in the Quad Cities. It is also where the live cuts from some of our performances were recorded.

We had another day off and then we played two weeks (with a day off in the middle on the 16th) at the Burnsville Bowl which is just outside Minneapolis, MN.

Once again we had the next two days off before playing a one night job at a club called the Warehouse (whereabouts unknown), a day off, then two more one night stands at Showboat (also unknown) and the Sundance Palace in Audubon, IA.

Sunday was an off day before we began a week’s stay at the Kongo Club in Mitchell, SD which ran over into November.

Mick Orton

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