Look for The Silvers – Coming Soon!

The Silvers

The Silvers

Back on October 10, we announced a new direction for myself with a lot of help from new friend, Ricky Zero, in Atlanta and old pal (well, not really THAT old), “Long” Tom “Silver” Kelley, in Wisconsin.

Our decision was to start our career together by recording a single (45 RPM) featuring Ken Wiles and Mick Orton composition, “Running Away”, backed with “Nothing Really Matters”.

The demos had been produced weeks ago, and the drum tracks for these two songs are being finalized this weekend. It’s really very exciting. Ricky, with all his wonderful talents, even created a mock up of the picture cover sleeve which I will share once it’s completed.

On a related note, five other demos have been laid down for the upcoming album and CD which will follow not long after the 7″ single has been released. And the three of us have a bunch more songs ready to be chosen for the final roster of tunes. As I said, it’s all very exciting.

So stay tuned for the new music coming your way!

Mick Orton

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