The Spirit of St. Louis in Mt. Joy, IA Advertises Silver Laughter – 1976

Spirit of St Louis ad

Spirit of St Louis ad

Here is an advertisement Carl sent me from our engagement at The Spirit of St. Louis which was in Mt. Joy just north of Davenport. Earlier another ad was posted from my mother’s archives which is the second one posted. This club had a small airplane hanging over the middle of the room.

Press Release

Press Release

If you remember the story from an earlier post, it is shortly after this engagement that I came down with hepatitis B (from a blood transfusion I had back in 1969), and all the people with whom I had been in contact were pleased to learn they had to get gamma globulin shots to prevent getting it too. I made a lot of friends that summer!

After a two week layoff, I was back on the road with the band.

Mick Orton

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