Did I Mention the IRRMA Auctions?

Silver Laughter takes the stage during the auction

Silver Laughter takes the stage during the auction

In between each act, the IRRMA board members auctioned off various items to help fund the IRRMA organization. Remember, none of their money comes from the state. It is all from private donations and what they make from having these and other events.

So while the various groups were in the process of leaving the stage so the next band could get ready, items were auctioned off to fill the space. A guitar autographed by Paul McCartney was the biggest ticket item (sold for over $6,000), and I believe the Beach Boys autographed album and a Rolling Stones guitar came in close second place. The little lady who bought McCartney’s guitar was determined to get it!

Getting ready during the auction

Getting ready during the auction

Other items auctioned off were novelty chairs and guitars that were donated by (I think) the Gretsch Company and decorated outrageously. The first photo shows a signed banner by all of the acts who performed at the IRRMA Concert.

The second shows the framed, autographed copy of a Beach Boys album. Behind it, Paul and I make the final adjustments for our performance.

Mick Orton


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