Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for May 1978

May 1978 Silver Laughter Booking Calendar

May 1978 Silver Laughter Booking Calendar

Before we jump back to May of  1978, I got an interesting e-mail from a musician in Atlanta Georgia. Ricky is a bass player for the group, Radio Cult, and I have linked to their Facebook Page. He found us through one of our booking calendar pages. Let him tell you how it happened:

I was trying to figure out what day of the week October 31, 1978 fell on and did a Google image search which brought up a page from the Silver Laughter calendar from 1978.  When I realized that it was a gig calendar page from a band from the 70s, it was all over!  

I’ve spent about the last hour browsing through your website and looking up info about the band online.  I found your music page with audio and I’ve been listening to your music.  Man, AWESOME stuff!  I was blown away right from the first few seconds of “Don’t Feel Bad” and just kept listening to song after song.  

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that some random guy in Atlanta, GA stumbled across your music and really enjoyed listening to it!


Since then we have communicated back and forth several times, but it’s funny how people find our stuff, and even more satisfying is that they like what we did back in the 1970’s!

So on to the May 1978 Calendar.  We started the month off with a stop in Minneapolis and Sound 80 where “Sailing On Fantasies” was mastered before pressing. Then we took a day off before playing three days at the County Seat in Carroll, Iowa. Coincidentally, the band who won the battle of the bands for IRRMA 2014, Black Diamond, was from Carroll!

On the 6th, we did a one night job at Carroll Kuemper (whatever and where ever that is – help me, Jon, you’re our only hope!), then spent a week at Jack’s in Wilton, MN. After that we had a LONG (for us) break with 12 days off during which time I most likely spent in Davenport sponging off my mom and dad before heading back out on the road. What we should have been doing is working on material for our third album! But I digress…

Fully refreshed, we played two nights at the Two Brothers’ Club in Rock Rapids, Iowa, then one night at the Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN. Two more days off and then we ended the month starting a week at the Briarwood. Unfortunately, unless someone else remembers where it was, I have no recollection of this night club.

Mick Orton

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