UPDATED 9/13/14 – Blast from the Silver Laughter Past

Silver Laughter in matching white suits: Jon, Kim, Mick and Mark

Silver Laughter in matching white suits: Jon, Kim, Mick and Mark

Here is a shot I grabbed from the slideshow they used at the IRRMA induction ceremony. Though I don’t remember the venue, I do remember the matching white leisure suits which black dickies which look like turtle neck sweaters but are only the neck piece and enough to be covered by the jacket.

Mick Orton

Note: After I posted this article, Art sent me this nice clarification of the photo and my explanation after Jon’s correction below. Since Art’s is so long I wanted to post it in its entirety. Here’s what Art said:

Hey, it was Showcase Talent International (not Big “G” Enterprises) at the time of the showcases. Geisler changed the name from Big “G” to Showcase Talent International to create an image of being “big” time. Geisler’s motto was “think big, you will be big”.

Silver Laughter appeared at the second showcase we had. The previous year we had Talent Spectacular 74; Silver Laughter appeared at Talent Spectacular 75. Both events took place at the Ramada Inn Downtown in Des Moines. Silver Laughter appeared at a scheduled time of 7:30PM on Sunday, February 16. (Whether anything went on schedule, I don’t remember.) I believe it was at the second showcase I met the Canadian booking agent that eventually set up the Canadian bookings for Silver Laughter. My memory is not good enough to remember his name.

Other notable groups that appeared at Talent Spectacular 75 included Burns and Bono, Rock’s Gang, The Fabulous Flippers, and Herman’s Hermits.

I also will point out two other facts about that picture. If you look closely at the sign above the band I spelled Silver Laughter as Silver Laugher, I was running out of room so I must have left off the “t”. I also think that picture was taken by my dad, as he took a boat load of pictures at both showcases.

That’s rock trivia for this week.

Thanks, Art!

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  1. Mick, it was at the Showcase. Jon

    • What Jon is referring to is the Showcase we did for Rick Geisler’s Big G Enterprises show in Des Moines. It was early in my career of playing with Silver Laughter. I think it was the first time I met Art Stenstrom who worked for Rick and eventually started his own company, Entertainment Services Concept. Shortly after the Showcase Art started managing out band.

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