More Photos of Silver Laughter from the IRRMA Induction Ceremony 2014

Past Mayor does some of the introductions

Past Mayor does some of the introductions

Since the weekend of the induction, the hits on our website have really gone up. There are over 100 per day from all over the world! It makes me think someone out there might be interested in hearing us record another record, at least a single or two!

These photos are from the induction ceremony which was held in the Sami Bedell Center for Performing Arts in Spirit Lake which is not far from Okoboji or Arnolds Park. All the inductees were loaded on several small buses and led by police escort over to the event from the Pavilion. Paul and I sat together in the first van while Jon, Kim and Mark were on another bus.

Large Crowd at Sami Bedell

Large Crowd at Sami Bedell


Once we were there, we were all led into the “black room” which is much like the green room for television. All the inductees sat around tables and chatted, some prepared their speeches and others watched the ceremony which was broadcast on the large television high on the wall. Snacks and water were served while we waited anxiously for our turn to be onstage and accept our plaques.

One of the speakers was past mayor of Okoboji (or Arnolds Park, I get them mixed up). He stood behind a podium while the inductees filed in from stage left. Then two other IRRMA board members handed out the plaques while announcing our names. He got everyone of Silver Laughter’s names wrong except for Kim! Jon was Joan, Mick was Mike, Mark was Capital (not Zaputil) and Paul was Steak (I think). We got a laugh out of it as each error occurred. I wondered if this had ever happened to the Beatles! In the photo you can see some of us laughing. That’s why.

Silver Laughter getting our awards - The guy in white got most of our names wrong!

Silver Laughter getting our awards – The guy in white got most of our names wrong!

Once all the plaques were awarded (Jon, Kim, Paul, Mark and Mick along with those not present; Steve Elliott, Ken Wiles, John Carstensen, Dick Beadle and Denny Walton), Jon stepped up to the microphone to say a few words. Janis caught most of his acceptance speech on video. After that, we filed off to stage right led by a cute young intern to the entrance hallway where our photo was taken in front of the IRRMA banner holding our plaques.

After returning to the black room for the rest of the ceremony, we were taken by bus back to the Pavilion for our autograph session. I was surprised at how many people showed up for that event! The concert then began at 6:30 shortly after the signing session was finished.

More to come…

Mick Orton

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