Silver Laughter Poster From The Cavern

Cavern Poster

Cavern Poster

Here is another contribution from Carl Frisch from his collection. It was an advertisement for Silver Laughter at the Cavern. This is the place we were playing when Mark was leaving the band, and where we met Ken who we eventually replaced Mark.

According to Carl, the artwork was done by our friend, Don Carstens, who just happened to contact me while we were in Okoboji for the IRRMA induction (about which I will be writing much in the next week). He told me he was in Napa which is near where Janis and I live. Here is what Carl wrote:

I found a 12″ by 20″ poster for the Cavern where we played in 1975, I believe.  I think it was Don Carstens, a Davenport musician/artist, who did the graphics (used on other SL promotional pieces), and it was Jon & Kim’s dad who put the band in the driver’s seat.

Since we just arrived home tonight from Iowa, I will be writing all about the experience of playing our induction concert for the IRRMA Hall of Fame induction.

Mick Orton

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