Silver Laughter Invades the Quad Cities

Paul Staack 2014

Paul Staack 2014

Well, folks. The band is back together… most of it anyway. Though Ken Wiles, Steve Elliott and John Carstensen are not playing, Jon, Kim, Paul, Mark and I got together this morning to run though our set.

While it went pretty well, there were some rough patches. But after so many years, it was fun playing together again. I think people who heard us before will be pleased, and those who have never heard us will enjoy what we have chosen to perform.

During our early rehearsal, the photographer from the Quad Cities Times showed up to shoot some photos of the band. both during our rehearsal and also a group portrait. As soon as they appear in the newspaper I will pass them along to you.

Our evening break was graciously “catered” by Jon’s wife, Michelle, who served us some wonderful chili dogs, some fresh Iowa corn and all sorts of good stuff!

We went back for one more crack at it after dinner, but by 8:30 I was pooped, and my shoulder was starting to ache. So we called it quits after only about 8 hours of real rehearsing time! What a bunch of light weights!

So we meet up again tomorrow at 10:30 and start all over again. I think everyone is having a GREAT time! I will post more pictures as the days go on. But I chose one of our pal and drummer, Paul Staack to start the series.

As a side note, on the way back to my room at the Baymont Suites, I passed the bowling alley on Brady St. where my mom and dad first met! A little farther up on the other side of the street there is a restaurant where the McDonald’s that I worked at during high school used to be. And several blocks up from that is a K-Mart that used to be a Jewell Store where I bought my first electric guitar! Things sure have changed around here!

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