Silver Laughter’s “Sunny Day” From “Sailing On Fantasies”

Silver Laughter 1978 - Paul, Ken, Jon and Mick

Silver Laughter 1978 – Paul, Ken, Jon and Mick

“Sunny Day”

This concludes the re-posting of all the songs from both albums. Sometimes there is magic in the studio; like there is fairy in the mixing board. You can hear it in this song when Jon sings the line, “Free with my imagination…” there is a guitar riff that Ken adds and then the “magic echo”.

I am not sure if it was left over from the beginning of the song where it fades in from “Dreams Still Live On”; if someone hit the mixing board at just the right time. But there it is. A sound we could not recreate on stage even if we wanted to!

The 1978 photo from Des Moines shows the musicians who were the lineup on our second album.

Mick Orton


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