Silver Laughter Original Song From “Sailing On Fantasies” – “Sing Me Your Love Songs”

Silver Laughter 1977 - Ken, Paul, Mick and Jon

Silver Laughter 1977 – Ken, Paul, Mick and Jon

“Sing Me Your Love Songs”

There are new people coming to this site all the time, so it’s important to show the musical contribution Silver Laughter made to music in the mid to late ’70’s. It is one of the reasons we have been inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame for 2014. Others with lesser contributions have been recognized by IRRMA so this is a big deal.

I do not recall how the tune’s lyrics came about, but I did have the melody line in my back pocket for a while. It had come to me as both a straight 4-4 tempo as well as a syncopated one. We ended up choosing the straight 4-4 version. But as Jon and I began crafting the lyrics, we somehow settled on a love song to our heroes, the Beatles. It was tricky crafting some lyrics and titles of their compositions into ours, so much so that Art made the words of our song an integral part of the single’s rare picture cover.

Of all the songs on the “Sailing On Fantasies” album, I get the most positive comments about this happy song. I suppose that’s why it led off the first side of our second album.

The photo comes from that 1977 series which were taken in Carroll, Iowa at the County Seat nightclub. It is similar to other poses that have been posted elsewhere on this site. Some of the images from this session were used on the front cover of “Sailing On Fantasies”.

Mick Orton

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