Revisit of Silver Laughter Original “Don’t Feel Bad” LIVE

"Sailing On Fantasies" - the stars were originally flames

“Sailing On Fantasies” – the stars were originally flames

“Don’t Feel Bad”

Until something new pops up, I have pretty much run out of “new” music clips to post here. So I will begin to bring older clips to the front for new readers to hear. However, I went back and edited the WAV file and converted it to MP3 to speed up the download.

Our second album, “Sailing on Fantasies” was very well received by both “Acid Archives” as well as other reviewers. Unlike the first album, all the songs were written specifically for it over the period of a few months.

This live version of “Don’t Feel Bad” was recorded the final night we were at The Tradewinds in Calgary, Alberta. It was one of the last places we played during the band’s swing through Canada which was July of 1977. Our album had not been released yet, but we had completed several songs for it and were performing them in our live shows.

TODD Beat Group - "Don't Feel Bad"

TODD Beat Group – “Don’t Feel Bad”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tom Kelley of Todd Beat Group reminded me that bits of this song had already been presented to that group which I had forgotten. But his lyrics sheet clearly shows that it started out during those early band days and was revived for Silver Laughter with a nice rearrangement.

The idea came to me while I was shaving in my dad’s bathroom in the basement of our old house on Ohio Street in Davenport. I say bathroom, but I use the term very loosely. My uncle Floyd had some plumbing knowledge and put in a shower near the drain in the basement behind our heater. Then my father hung clothesline and hooked shower curtains to enclose the “room”. A toilet, sink and medicine cabinet completed the layout.

So as I was clearing my face of unwanted hair that morning, the “Don’t Feel Bad” segment popped into my head, which was intended to sound like Elvis’s “Don’t Be Cruel” or the Beatles “Tell Me Why” but clearly ended up a much happier tune when Jon and I were done with it.

The lineup on this clip is Jon and Ken on guitars, Paul on drums and me on bass.

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