It’s About Silver Laughter’s Music!

Silver Laughter 1976 - Mick top, Jon, Paul and Ken

Silver Laughter 1976 – Mick top, Jon, Paul and Ken

“No One Can Do It”

I have given the albums to several of my friends for critiques. The general consensus is that both albums are very good, but the second one is more cohesive. Of all the songs on the first album, “Handle With Care”, this song stood out to my friends. They surprisingly came up with similar references, “sounds a little like the Grateful Dead… except the singing is in tune”. I don’t hear the similarity.

I have included a photo from the Worthington sessions from the fall of 1976 which happened right after the recording of the album in Kansas City, and Paul had just joined the band as drummer. Another of this pose was posted earlier this year. The sun was such that the picture has very high contrast and was never used for publicity.

Mick Orton

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