Silver Laughter’s Studio Version of “Goin’ To Be Mine”

Silver Laughter 1976 - Mick, Paul, Ken and Jon

Silver Laughter 1976 – a slightly out of focus Mick, Paul, Ken and Jon

One of the songs that was brought over from The Contents Are: days was this tune called “Goin’ To Be Mine”. Originally written by me, Jon and I added a middle 8 to this Silver Laughter studio version which was recorded on the “Handle With Care” album.

This little rocker always got pretty good response from the crowd. Ken does a nifty guitar solo and lead fills. I overdubbed the piano after playing bass on the backing track. Jon sings the lead in to the middle 8, then joins Ken and Kim to sing the back up vocals.

The photo is from the period before the album was released, another 1976 Worthington shot.

Mick Orton

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