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Silver Laughter 1978 - Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken upside down

Silver Laughter 1978 – Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken upside down

“The Boys Are Back In Town”

Back at the end of January of 2013, I had run out of live cuts of our original songs and began to post cover tunes from the Port Byron recordings of June 1978. Since they may have become lost in the “mix”, I wanted to bring the better ones to the top again along with some photos that have not already been seen.

As I mentioned in the original post of this Thin Lizzy single, I vaguely remember hearing something not quite right during the performance (at 1:14 in) only to realize it was the bad notes on my bass playing. I think you can hear me chuckle as I come to that conclusion. I recover and the rest of the song proceeds without a hiccup. I sing lead, Jon doubles the chorus withe me, and the rest of the boys back me up with the echoing lines. You can tell I am playing the Hofner which did not have the proper equalization as it sounds “thunky”.

The photo from our 1978 session may have even been taken around the time we played at the Ranch & Co. which is near Rock Island. Once again we are clowning around for “Gus’s” camera!

Mick Orton


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