“Don’t Want To Lose” – An Original Silver Laughter Song Performed LIVE and in the STUDIO!

Silver Laughter - 1978 - Mick, Jon, Paul and Ken

Silver Laughter – 1978 – Mick, Jon, Paul and Ken

Click here to listen to the live version of “Don’t Want To Lose” from the “Sailing On Fantasies” album which was written by Ken Wiles.

It’s slightly out of tune as the instruments seemed to be “wandering”. Believe it or not, this makes it difficult to sing on key. But without the strings and horns, it doesn’t have the same punch live as the studio version. Regardless, it is a fine rendition of the song. I am going to stray from my usual post and include the studio version so you can compare the two. Here is the studio version of “Don’t Want To Lose”.

I love the makeup of this complicated song. Ken sings lead with the rest of us doing the harmonies and backup vocals. I wrote about the live performance when I posted originally back in March of 2013, over a year ago. Then I posted the track from the album in May of last year with some comments.

Mick Orton

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