Silver Laughter Performs “Lover” Live

Silver Laughter - 1978

Silver Laughter – 1978: Ken, Paul, Mick and Jon

Here is the live performance of “Lover” from the “Sailing on Fantasies” album which was recorded in June of 1978 at The Ranch & Company in Port Byron.

I originally posted this live version of the song back in January of 2013. Of course, we had to do it without the strings. Though I did the guitar picking on the album, Ken learned it so we could play it live. Paul also created a very nice drum part which was not on the record but fit the live performance very well. Jon played the lead fills you hear, and I played bass and sang the lead vocal. All the guys sang harmonies.

At the very end you hear a snippet of Jon launching into “It Feels Like The First Time” by Foreigner, I suspect to appease the drunk idiot you can hear shouting, “Play some rock and roll!” In the photo from our “Rock Island” photo session, we took a moment for this impromptu pose. Jon looks like he is doing his best Rolling Stones face!

Mick Orton

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