“Take My Money” – A Silver Laughter Original – Live

Silver Laughter 1976 - Just after the release of "Handle With Care" - Mick and Ken on the bridge, Jon and Paul below

Silver Laughter 1976 – Just before the release of “Handle With Care” – Mick and Ken on the bridge, Jon and Paul below

Click here to listen to “Take My Money” performed live from our set at the Tradewinds in Calgary, Alberta, Canada back on July 29, 1977. It was one of our encores after finishing the Beatles Tribute that evening.

Jon had this song written before I joined the band. We added the middle 8 to “make it ours” which is what we also did with several of the other songs that each of us had written separately. As has been noted before, the “Handle With Care” album was essentially a compilation of tunes:

  • a) that Jon had written before I joined
  • b) a couple of songs I had written during my time with The Contents Are: and
  • c) several Jon and I wrote together especially for this album.

This song was posted back in December of 2012, but here it is again. Although the studio version is much cleaner, this live one has a lot of energy. The lineup in Calgary consisted of Paul on drums, Ken on lead and vocals, Jon on guitar and vocals and me on bass and lead vocal. Kim Ludtke played drums and sang backup on the album.

Mick Orton

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