Silver Laughter Performs “Sing Me Your Love Songs” Live 1978

Silver Laughter 1978: Paul, Ken, Mick and Jon

Silver Laughter 1978: Paul, Ken, Mick and Jon (top)

Click here to listen to Silver Laughter’s live performance of “Sing Me Your Love Songs”.

As I said the other day, I did not want our live original music to get lost in the shuffle since this was posted back in December of 2012 when the site first got up and running.

It was taken from our June 8, 1978 job at The Ranch and Company in Port Byron, IL. The band lineup is the same one that played on the album: Jon Ludtke, Ken Wiles, Paul Staack and me. Ken is playing bass and I am on piano.

At the beginning Ken is introducing the song while we switch instruments and makes a comment about not being able to see anyone because of the lights. This is whenCarl turned off the spot, and Ken does his “Yikes” at what he supposedly sees. You can hear me chuckle in the background. Like the other clip, it is a little too long with dead air at the end. I probably should go back and edit these…

This photo is a little dark which is one of the reasons we didn’t end up using it for promotion, but I like the composition.

Mick Orton

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