Silver Laughter Covers The Beatles


Silver Laughter 1977

Silver Laughter 1977: Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

“Can’t Buy Me Love” – “Things We Said Today” – “Tell Me Why” Medley

Well, after many new photos, it is back to music. Again, this is a big clip and it takes time to download. Performed in Calgary at the Tradewinds July 29, 1977, the Silver Laughter lineup features Jon Ludtke, Ken Wiles, Paul Staack and Mick Orton.

I am singing lead on the first two songs with all the boys singing on the last. “Tell Me Why” has always been one of my favorites of the early Beatles music. It was one of the first bass lines I learned as is “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Mick Orton


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