Silver Laughter in Rock Island, IL October 29, 1978

v=Silver Laughter 1978: Paul, Ken, Mick and Jon

Silver Laughter 1978: Paul, Ken, Mick and Jon

“Here they come… walking down the street… Get the funniest looks from…”

I absolutely love what came out of this photo session. And this is one of the nicest pictures from this “pose”; one of the few that is in focus from our “walk of fame”.

As you can see it was taken in Rock Island. The photo sleeve says Oct. 29, 1978. I explained the fuzzy jacket already.

Art loved shooting in black and white then printing on colored paper. Very smart in the days when color printing was extremely expensive.

By this time I am pretty sure “Sailing on Fantasies” had been released. We were starting to get our “new” look.

Mick Orton

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