Silver Laughter Photos from October 29, 1978 in Rock Island

Silver Laughter 1978

Silver Laughter 1978 – Ken, Mick, Jon and Paul

Okay, I couldn’t resist. After posting a bunch of stuff already today, I went into the third set of photos and just could not stop laughing. Judging from these outtakes, we were having a GREAT time. In later posts you will see why I was smiling so hard my cheeks were beginning to hurt!

Just a quick comment on the coat I was wearing. As I remember, there was a young lady behind the camera with Art. I do not recall whose girlfriend she was, but it was her furry jacket that I am wearing. How young and happy we all looked!

This is one of the few sets that has an actual date on the sleeve and, as you will see in later photos, these were definitely taken in Rock Island which is across the Mississippi from Davenport. Ken had been in the band a couple of years by this time, so I do not think we were playing the Cavern Club. And it may have been right before Kim came back to the group.

Mick Orton

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