Silver Laughter in the Studio for “Handle With Care”

Recording "Handle with Care"

Recording “Handle with Care”

I don’t remember seeing this picture before, but it had to be taken during the recording of “Handle With Care” before Paul was in the band. The liner notes on the album cover say this studio work was done in February, May and August of 1976 at Graphic Studios in Warrensburg, MO which is just outside Kansas City.

From left are: Mick Orton, Ken Wiles, Jon Ludtke and Kim Ludtke. What song are we singing? No idea but it must have involved 4 part harmony. And notice everyone is wearing a Silver Laughter t-shirt except Ken. It looks like a cowboy shirt and vest was the style of the day.

Mick Orton

(Photo courtesy of Jonee Jones)

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