Another “Found” Photo of Silver Laughter’s Mick Orton

Mick Orton on piano

Mick Orton on piano

This was posted on Mark Zaputil’s Facebook page. It had to be early in my career with Silver Laughter. I do remember that shirt. It was a polyester “disco” shirt with a cowboy flavor, and I think it had the western pearl-like snaps for buttons. I can’t imagine wasting my stage outfits for a rehearsal (we only had so many, you know), so my guess is that is is an early job with the band.

However, I think later on I bought a drum stool so I could sit while playing. Mrs. Jepsen would be proud that I am not resting my wrists on the piano! But at that angle, what choice did I have??? The question of the day is, what song was I playing? It was too early for our Beatles Tribute as we had not created it yet. Oh, if only we had a song list from that period!

Mark says, “Mick Orton at the piano, I think this was at a gig? Maybe a dress rehearsal practice session, this would be late 74 or early 75, do not remember the location.”

Mick Orton

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