CBS Sunday Morning Celebrates The Beatles 50 Years Later – A Silver Laughter Influence

My Bonnie

My Bonnie

Today the CBS Sunday Morning show spent some time celebrating one of Silver Laughter’s influences, The Beatles, 50 years later.

What I remember after they came out was that every teenage boy in the Quad Cities was in a band or wanted to be. By the time the Beatles landed on US soil, they had already released several of their songs on small labels. which didn’t go anywhere (Swan, MGM, etc.) and were re-released when the Fab Four came to America. I seem to remember them having 4-5 singles on the top 10 charts at the same time, but as you know, my memory might be suspect!

I have told the story elsewhere about the first guitar I had, and when I found out Paul McCartney was the bass player, I tuned my four lowest strings down and took off the two top strings so I would have a bass. Ken loves that story!

Shortly after being made fun of, my mom and I went to the local music store where her cousin worked and ordered a violin bass; and imitation of the famous Hofner Paul McCartney played. It cost a lot in 1966… about $25 at the time. I may have even bought it on credit and made payments.

It wasn’t until I joined the Contents Are: and had a steady gig that I was able to buy a genuine Hofner Beatle Bass. I remember Craig saying something like, “I was outside coming in to rehearse and could tell the new bass had arrived. It was so much cleaner than the imitation bass.”

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  1. The Beatles inspired so many bands in the 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s and the 2000s. Such brilliant music! A fantastic band!

  2. Jamie,

    Looks like they influenced you too!

    Good going!

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