Silver Laughter – “Sailing On Fantasies” – Lyrics to “Sunny Day”

Lyrics for "Sunny Day"

Lyrics for “Sunny Day”

This is another of my favorite songs on “Sailing On Fantasies”. Jon came to our song-writing session with most of the tune in his notebook, and we quickly hammered out the rest of the lyrics and worked on the arrangement together. The idea was to meld all these different melody lines together. Bob Parker’s flute solo was another bright addition which followed one of the backup harmony lines creating (at least, to me) a tapestry of music all woven together…

Too much? Okay, how about, “It sounded real good!”

I think the idea to come back into “Sing Me Your Love Songs” was a great way to wrap up the album. I am not sure about the rest of the band, but I was opposed at first to adding strings and horns to our music at this early stage. I thought we should keep it all electric, but somewhere along the way, I was convinced to “try it”.

Thus concludes our series of lyrics for songs from both “Handle With Care” and “Sailing On Fantasies”.

Mick Orton

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