Silver Laughter’s Mick Orton Rehearsing

Mick Orton rehearsing the piano

Mick Orton rehearsing the piano 1975

Talk about losing brain cells! I have no recollection of this photo, where it was taken or when. Mark forwarded this one to me along with several others which I will be posting later.

Here is the little electric piano (was it a Farfisa keyboard?) that Silver Laughter already had when I joined the group. It is the same one Kim used for “Color My World”.

Later on it would be used for many Beatles Songs such as “Martha My Dear” and “Let It Be” as well as some cover tunes like ELO’s “Evil Woman” and Alan Parson’s Project’s “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You”. Usually Ken played bass. But on the last song it was only a lead in part so I played the bass line myself.

Mick Orton

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