Random Photo of Silver Laughter’s Paul Staack and Mick Orton Rehearsing

Craig's legs, Paul, Dave and Mick

Craig’s legs, Paul, Dave and Mick

While we are in the time machine, here I am jumping back to the early ’70’s. I had forgotten this little gem which came from Craig Hute’s collection. It is of The Contents Are: (or Tabernash as we were later known) rehearsing in the basement of the house we rented in Colorado.

I think this was when we lived in Broomfield. But it could have been taken when we lived in Westminster.

On the left are Craig’s legs, Paul Staack on the drums, Dave Neumann in the shorts and Mick Orton sitting on his bass amp. We were a bunch of long-hairs at the time. Didn’t Paul and I clean up nicely for Silver Laughter?

Mick Orton

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