More and More Photos of Silver Laughter 1974-75 are Showing Up


Silver Laughter Sign

Thanks to Mark Zaputil and now Steve Elliott has gotten into the act by posting old band photos which are on his Facebook page! Here I have included two of Mark’s contributions here. One is of a sign from the lobby of one of the places we played. Neither one of us recall where this was. It’s hard to read with the glare, but it reads “Silver Laughter” at the top, “Jon, Mike, Kim, Mark” on the left side and “Enjoy” on the right side with our photo in the middle.

The Silver Laughter Boys

The Silver Laughter Boys from left: Mick, Jon, Mark and Kim

This second is shortly after I joined the band, probably after one of our performances since we never drank while we were on stage… Okay, maybe once or twice… But here is the group before Ken joined us to take Mark’s place. Mick has Zaputil antenna, Jon has his hand on my leg (???), Mark has his new Nelson Mandella shirt on and Kim is giving Jon a… Actually, I don’t know what Kim is doing. Another club we don’t remember.

Mick Orton


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