Silver Laughter – Mark Zaputil Plays the Drums While Kim Plays Piano

Mark Zaputil Drumming

Mark Zaputil Drumming

When I first joined the group, one of the songs that was a staple of the Silver Laughter song list was “Color My World” by Chicago.

For this tune, Kim switched from drums to the little electric piano while Mark switched from lead guitar to drums. Jon sang the lead vocal. I may not have been in the band yet when this photo was taken.

However, Mark notes this is a club in Hastings, NE late 1975, so I may have just joined. I remember that my very first job with the band, it was cold weather and in a Nebraska nightclub.

We continued to do this song for a short time after Mark left the group, but I can’t remember who played drums for Kim. Was it Ken?

I think that’s Jon’s left hand and guitar neck in the photo. And look at all those drums! The double bass set was way too big for most of our stages! I don’t know how we all fit up there!!!

Mick Orton

Photo courtesy of Mark Zaputil – Here’s what he said about it on his Facebook page:

“When we played Chicago’s song Color My World Kim, our drummer, played piano and I played the drums, this is at a club in Hastings, Nebraska USA November of 1975. — with SILVER LAUGHTER.” – Mark

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