I’m Back…Kind of.

Glenn with his leg in a cast

Glenn with his leg in a cast

Well I haven’t posted much of late. Trying to rehab a bad ankle. Anyway there are more stories of my time with Silver Laughter, some will have to be only personal memories since I can’t change the names to protect the innocent. If there were any?

I’d have to say playing clubs like the Pomp Room, and Doc Holidays, as well as New Ulm were where I first heard Silver Laughter. I new from the first time I heard them in New Ulm, MN they were a tight polished band. I went every night they played that week and by weeks end I had quit my “real job” and hit the road.

Paul was leaving the band and Kim was coming back on board. The times they were a changing, and I being all of 19 saw huge potential. Sometimes I had a hard time trying to get the guys to try playing some of the new music of that time, i.e. Cheap Trick, AC/DC, but they actually took the time to learn all kinds of new tunes. I’m not sure but I think it was me that tried to get the band to use flash pods.

Carl, being the genius he is, had no problem whipping up flash pods, and the cool, crude, yet very effective fog machine. I don’t think Ken was to up on the flash pods, (sorry Ken) but he allowed us to put a couple on stage trying hard not to burn him or the stage up. Carl had the great idea of putting magnesium filings in the flash powder, which were pretty, but did tend to throw sparks everywhere, and sometimes not going out right away.

Once I took over both lights and sound it got harder to pull off all the effects by myself, someone had to lower 35lbs. of dry ice into the fog machine. (garbage can). None the less I knew if I just stuck around great things were possible, and great things happened! After all, I found 5 new friends (can’t forget Paul and his set of clear acrylic Fibes).

Like I said at the beginning most of my memories will have to remain in my head….But that’s just fine!! Memories I haven’t forgot and still think of often. I want to take the time here to thank the band members of Silver Laughter for taking a chance with me, and I hope I somehow made a difference. Thanks, Mick, Jon, Ken, Kim, and Paul. It was a blast!

Glenn (the Punk) Stone.

Note: Glenn has been busy recovering from some surgery to repair injuries he got from his job with the Wisconsin penal system… NOT from the fights he had to break up with the bands he worked for! – Mick Orton

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