Silver Laughter’s Fashion Trends

Ken and Mick in Double Shot

Ken and Mick in Double Shot

Updated 12/20/13 – Looking back it is amusing how many “trends” we fell into… or maybe actually found. Ken was always the fashion “leader” in that he was the first to obsessively buy and wear western “cowboy” shirts. You know, the ones with loud prints and the pearl-like snap buttons? He had a suitcase full of them for a while.

So after several months of buying up this type of wardrobe, one day were in a mall holding up an item and saying, “Hey, Ken. Here’s one of your shirts.”

“No thanks,” he’d respond. “I’ve gone through that stage.” And so he had. He was off to some other clothing infatuation!

And in another fashion trend, all of us had our left ears pierced late in the performing days. Mine hurt like hell and got infected over and over again. The hole would grow closed which I would try and painfully reopen. But always with the same results over time, I eventually gave up when we moved to California and let the hold grow closed permanently. Ken, I believe, still has his. I don’t know about Jon. But to my memory, Paul never went did his.

In the photo, our long hair covers up the ear jewelry, but you can see that open necked shirts and gold necklaces were the thing in the early 80’s when this photo was shot. Disco was big during that time and so was that type of fashion!

Mick Orton

Ken says, “The reason I quit wearing cowboy shirts was because the movie ‘Urban Cowboy ‘ came out  and everybody started wearing them so I had to stop. You can’t wear what everybody else is wearing. That just makes everything uncool.”

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