Rooming with Silver Laughter’s Ken Wiles

Ken Wiles

Ken Wiles

I hope Ken will still speak to me after I post this, but, as Will Rogers said, “it ain’t bragging if you done it.” So my saying is, “It ain’t lying if it’s the truth!”

Sharing a motel room with Ken had its pluses and its minuses. On the plus side, Ken is a VERY funny guy. So we always had a lot of laughs whenever we were together. It’s probably one of the reasons we got along so well, even after we left Silver Laughter and went out as Double Shot.

However, I am really neat and keep my things organized while Ken… well, not so much. In fact, the clothes, comics, pizza boxes and the like would start on his side and slowly migrate over to my side. So there was this constant “tug of war” with the areas of the room; his stuff and my stuff. We even used to joke about it; how messy he was. I don’t know if that’s changed or not.

Regardless, we had great times together and still would if we lived closer together. But now that he is in Reno with his work, we only get to chat by e-mail… He still cracks me up!

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  1. Hey I remember some of those pizza box’s. Though I never shared a room with Ken, I did know of his love of pepperoni pizza! extra pepperoni!

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