Several Small World Incidents for Silver Laughter

Golf - Mick's New Expensive Habit

Golf – Mick’s New Expensive Habit

It’s no secret I play a lot of golf. And now that I am retired, I am marshaling at a local course so I can play for free! Several years ago I was at McInnis Golf Course in San Rafael and happened to meet a fellow named Del who was from one of the towns we played; Aberdeen, SD. He remembered the Zebra Club, but had not heard of its demise. Today one of the guys I regularly play with, George, is from my home town of Davenport, IA! Talk about a small world!

In a previous article, Kim clarified about the time we played the Zebra Club which I will repeat here. It was another one of the first places I played with Silver Laughter! Ken was not yet in the band. Mark Zaputil was still on lead. I also remember the “spartan” accommodations we were given!

Kim said,”[Regarding Aberdeen, SD] The Zebra Club. There was a cement parking lot above the building that eventually crushed it, and the club was closed.  That was the place where we had negotiated “ROOMS and MEALS” – the rooms turned out to be the unfurnished apartment (except for 1 bed and a 3-legged couch) above a downtown store, and the meals were 2 sack lunches, including a 1/2 pint of milk. The problem was, the sack lunches all looked the same and tended to “disappear” by dinner time!”

If memory serves, there was another night club in town called No Dogs Allowed which we thought was very clever. I also remember a woman fan named Cindy Fix who came to see us.

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