Art Finds An Old Silver Laughter Photo

Silver Laughter CD cover

Silver Laughter CD cover

Somehow I overlooked this previously unpublished photo of the band as I was cleaning out my inbox. Art “Smart” (our manager) sent this after I mailed him a copy of the live tapes I had transferred to CD from Port Byron which were found in my Dad’s collection.

Jon and I are without facial hair while Paul looks like Mr. Bunyan himself… beard and all! It’s a great photo of happy times! Here’s what Art said:

“Thanks for the CDs from Port Byron. I made a CD cover for them, see below. You can print copies and cut out to size… Picture got kind of fuzzy from how I copied it, but it gives it that old rusty effect.”

In the photo from left to right: Paul Staack, Mick Orton, Jon Ludtke and Ken Wiles.

Mick Orton

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