Silver Laughter’s Jon Ludtke – King of Trivia?

Star Trek Original Series

Star Trek Original Series

I had some more thoughts about the time I got to spend with Jon Ludtke before, during and after Silver laughter. He has always been a very sharp guy with a memory that is to be admired. I can’t tell you all the information he had about the band, Badfinger, or what he knew about some of the more obscure bands, who was in them and where they went. It always amazed me.

Another passion Jon had was for the “Star Trek” series. It happened to also be a favorite of Dave Neumann of The Contents Are: who even wrote a song called “JTK” after James T Kirk. I am not sure if Jon followed the offshoots of the series done later by Roddenberry and his wife after he passed away, but I would bet he did.

Mick Orton

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